Close Options for the Right Mortgage Now

Mortgage for many people is the only way to buy housing. The process of mortgage registration is troublesome. It is necessary to be very attentive and not get discouraged when choosing more favorable conditions. It is important to know – how you can affect the cost of credit and how to prevent overpayments. To protect their funds before the bank, then consider many ways to save on mortgages.

How to save on a mortgage

Interest rate

In the bank because of the loan amount, the estimated value of the object and the overflow of collateral, the mortgage is considered a less risky type of loan. Usually in banks, the mortgage interest rate is lower than other banking products, but the cost of the loan, in general, remains quite impressive. Each bank sets its terms for lending. To choose the most profitable bank you need to study in detail the information given to him on this issue. Do not forget about banks that already have your assets. After all, for such customers very often there are special offers with additional discounts or simplified documentation. Understand the best deals there from the mortgage broker GeelongĀ  there.

Differential payment system

Payment on a differentiated system makes it possible to extinguish both debt and interest at the same time. As a result, the sum under the loan will decrease, including a percentage.

Independent insurance

At any registration, the bank always offers to use services of the insurance companies. But if you do it yourself, you can save a good sum of your income. The main thing is to study well the companies you found and choose the most profitable. Some banks insist on only the services of specific companies. However, according to the law, the borrower can pick up the insurer and insurance rates independently.

Early repayment of a loan

If you have some money, immediately try to make a payment. This action is very beneficial for the borrower, because the amount of the monthly payment can be changed as long as you want.

Deposit account

With the help of this act you can distribute your funds competently. This recommendation will not only help mortgage borrowers, but also all the rest.

Track your interest rate


In any bank, I always change by the rates. Your task is to track, because you can get the most advantageous offer. If this happens, then the application for a rate reduction will be welcome. Lowering the rate by 1% will help save a couple of tens of thousands of rubles before the end of the mortgage.

Submit a tax deduction

Tax deduction is the amount by which the tax is reduced. By calculating the interest paid on the mortgage, the tax deduction will be 13% without any restrictions in the amount. That is, according to the adopted laws, you can regain back to 260 thousand rubles.

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