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You can find numerous materials and designs. You have venetian blinds made of wood, PVC or aluminum in a wide variety of colors.

  • Wood: They offer great resistance to heat and light and create warm and natural environments. They are rigid and require simple cleaning with a cloth and water with neutral soap. They are very decorative and provide a great feeling of warmth in the room in which you place them.
  • PVC: They are resistant to moisture, but UV rays can alter their initial color over time. Ideal for spaces such as the kitchen and the bathroom. Together with the aluminum ones, they are usually the most used due to its comfortable cleaning and its lightness.
  • Aluminum: Aluminum are very resistant to heat and light, these slats can be curved so you can look out the window without having to lift the blind. The good korean blinds are perfect in this case as they come up with the best deals now.

How to place venetian blinds depending on the type of window?

You must bear in mind the opening system of your window when installing venetian blinds:

  • If your window is collapsible: To guarantee the opening, install the venetian blind 7 to 15 cm high of the window so that it can be opened.
  • If your window is sliding: It is not necessary to leave that space since it can be opened as well.
  • You can find you’re Venetian in different widths. Remember that you have to choose the top width in 15 cm – 20 cm to the width of your window. There is the option of cutting and finishing with the right accessory; theVenetian cutter is valid for aluminum and PVC.
  • You can also find your venetian blind in different lengths and you can adapt the length of the blind to your window by removing slats.

This video shows how to adjust a Venetian to your size.

According to the material of the window, the placement system will be different:

How to install venetian blinds?

It is very easy to place them on the ceiling, the wall or the window opening. They do not need large supports for their installation because they are very light; in fact a Venetian blind for a window can be perfectly fastened with two screws fixed to the ceiling or to the wall. The good at  jaundice home treatment happens to be effective there.


To assemble the kit follows these steps:

  • Place the central support on the ceiling or wall with the appropriate plugs and fit the Venetian rail into the support (fit the front tabs with the slats and close the main tab to hold the blind).
  • Then, help yourself with a level so that you place the blind completely straight.
  • Once done, we proceed to place the lateral supports: you must put them about 7 cm from the end to avoid the area of ​​the strings. Finally, it is necessary to place the light regulator, the rod.
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